Offer of Master Study

This course is taught in both Czech and English

The purpose of the course is to prepare all-round machine engineers for general practice:

  • with proficiency in the design and construction of machines, construction computations and design techniques focusing on single-purpose and textile machines
  • with corresponding computer-aided design skills (CA-technology), computers and management
  • with practical experience of experiments
  • with an understanding of the analysis and synthesis of the practical problems of machine construction

The theoretical and specialised fundamentals acquired by the graduates of this course provide them with a high degree of flexibility when putting them into practice, not only in the manufacture of textile machines and machines for the consumer industry but also beyond these fields, in virtually every sphere of activity requiring the skills of a machine engineer. For example, a graduate who has overcome the problem of designing and building the selected node of a textile machine can apply this knowledge not just when constructing single-purpose machines for use in a variety of applications, but also when designing and developing machines and facilities for different branches of industry, such as the consumer, automotive, glassmaking or polygraphic industries.

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