Digital Prototype Laboratory

This is the prime workroom at the Faculty of Engineering, in which a highly efficient graphics workstation is available, including a system for visualising the results of projects that have been designed. It is possible to work with a whole range of up-to-date CA-technology (CAD, CAE, FEA, etc.) in the laboratory, which allows for the design, analysis, optimisation, and visualisation of the digital prototypes of machines and their parts. The workroom is also used for both direct tuition and also for the individual work of students in the handling of their annual projects, Bachelor’s papers, and dissertations. Here the students gain practical experience and skills in computer-aided design.

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The laboratory is used during teaching, especially in subjects focused on:

  • independent creative work of students
  • use of CAD technologies
  • application of finite element method and numerical method in solid and fluid mechanics
  • modeling and simulation of multibody systems
Laboratory Rules

This laboratory was built with the contribution of FRVŠ and currently represents a comprehensive workplace enabling the use of modern technologies in the education of students of technical faculties of TUL.

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