Department of Textile Machine Design
Mechanical Engineers Study
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Research and Development
Collaboration with industry
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  • Research and development of the textile machines parts (Rieter CZ a.s., Uniplet Třebíč a.s., Amtek s.r.o., etc.)
  • Analysis and modification of the manufacturing equipment (Fezko Stakonice a.s., KIMBERLY – Clark a.s. Jaroměř, etc.)
  • Loose material sampling from the conveyor-belt (MUS a.s., Sokolovská uhelná a.s., etc. )
  • Design and production of the quarterer (MUS a.s.)
  • Strength and strain analyses (BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o Jihlava, BEHR Czech s.r.o, BRANO Group s.r.o, ELMARCO s.r.o., etc.)
  • Analysis and optimization of the mechanisms (Elbeco Jablonec n. Nis., STEINEL Technik s.r.o., etc.)
  • Elaboration and examination of the design documentation (GCE Chotěboř a.s., STEINEL Technik s.r.o., etc.)