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We offer a combination of the faculty’s specialist and theoretical knowledge and first-rate equipment with the customer’s practical experience to ensure higher quality results.

Services Offering:

  • Consultancy in the field of the textile machinery and the textile machine design.
  • Consultancy in the field of the single-purpose machine design.
  • Research and development of the textile machine systems.
  • Development and design of the single-purpose machines and devices.
  • Development and design of the textile machine control systems.
  • Research and development of the device for representative samples taking of solid fuel and loose material from the conveyor-belt.
  • Solving problems in the field of mechanisms (synthesis, kinematics and dynamic analysis, modelling, optimalization, measurement, experiments).
  • Computation and experimental modelling of the machines and mechanisms dynamic properties and behavior with respect to the elastic bodies and structures.
  • Strenght, strain and deformation analyses and optimization with FEM use.
  • CAD applications include creating the design documentation.