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Laboratory of Digital Prototype (LDP)

This is the prime workroom at the Faculty of Engineering, in which a highly efficient graphics workstation is available, including a system for visualising the results of projects that have been designed. It is possible to work with a whole range of up-to-date CA-technology (CAD, CAE, FEA, etc.) in the laboratory, which allows for the design, analysis, optimisation, and visualisation of the digital prototypes of machines and their parts. The workroom is also used for both direct tuition and also for the individual work of students in the handling of their annual projects, Bachelor’s papers, and dissertations. Here the students gain practical experience and skills in computer-aided design.

The Textile Machinery Laboratory (LTS)

This is the laboratory used by the department for instructional and experimental purposes. The workroom is primarily equipped with functional prototypes and test benches, which allows for the examination of new principles and the carrying out of experimental research into new nodes of textile machinery. Here the students become acquainted with the construction of textile machinery in a practical form as well as with the selected experimental methods that are used in the development of new machines. The laboratory is also used for the experimental back-up of research goals and projects designed in the department.

The CA-technology Laboratory (LCA)

This laboratory is used for the individual work of students in Masters and Doctorate study programmes and also for the design of the department’s scientific-research projects. It is equipped with computers that boast high-performance graphics, a computer server, and input and output peripheral devices. The conditions have been created in the workroom for the implementation of extensive numerical calculations that require the finite element method.

The Experimental Laboratory (ELA)

This laboratory is used for tuition and for the support of the department’s scientific-research activities. Here the students are familiarised with the methods of measuring kinematics and mechanical quantities, including those of the computer processing of the signal of the measurement obtained.

Worksite for monitoring and analysing fast action

Equipped with a high-speed OLYMPUS I-Speed 2 video camera. This high-image-frequency camera can record fast action which can then be analysed on a computer.

Worksite for testing machine components

Equipped with a TIRAVib shaker. This uses random and periodic excitation to test components of machines and equipment.